Our factory

It doesn’t take much digging into the UK’s £578m UK sausage industry to discover that it’s really the premium/butcher’s choice side of the business that’s blazing a trail. Although a prudent player in the busy world of premium sausages, Broad Oak Farm is only too aware that the business mustn’t be afraid to move forward when the time’s ripe.

In 2001 the Broad Oak Farm Sausage Company moved from a restored barn (which was once a refectory for a nearby Benedictine monastery) and moved to a modern, countryside-friendly factory, which combined the latest production equipment with the traditional looks of an old style barn. The result was a forward-thinking business that blends unobtrusively with its idyllic surroundings.

Already accredited by the British EC health standard, in 2007 Broad Oak Farm added two more quality-assurance feathers to its cap; the Red Tractor scheme and the RSPCA’s Freedom Food badge, providing yet further proof that this hard-working family operation continues to do everything in its power to reinforce best practice within its business.